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Latest works:
Keep My Pic Sister (2012)
            1#minuteCOLOGNE 2012
the selected participants in
Mexico City ExTerasa Arte Actual

CologneOFF 2014 India
1#minuteCOLOGNE (2013)

Collectif Jeune Cinéma
screened in the Competition #8 program

MIA screening,
SAME OCEAN on February 22, 2013

The Funeral Synopsis

“The Funeral” Description

          “The Funeral” is mixture of the ultrasound video of a fetus and the sounds of Berkin Elvan’s funeral.
During the Gezi protests, Berkin Elvan(15) was killed by a police with a tear gas can. Berkin was not a protester, he was going to the bakery to buy a bread for breakfast. He stayed in coma for 269 days. The day he was dead, he was 15 years old and weighted 16 kg only.
At his funeral, there were thousands of people. They were crying, yelling, feeling the pain deep in their hearts. And the next thing happened was the police attack to civilians again. The sounds are from these attacks. This video is not just about one thing. As one side, about the environment we should grow up, the conditions we may give birth. On the other hand, the a baby is a hope, if you dare to give a birth.

22 Temmuz 2012 Pazar

Keep My Pic Sister Description

This project is about being woman in every social and religious terms. The sister is a burqa shaped cutout. Almost like a social or religious step to the world. With burqa, all women look like the same. But just a detail, eye close-ups make you realize the difference. On the inside, every woman is different. Has different thoughts, feelings, hopes. Burqa is a symbol of all pressure about being a woman.  Not well educated, married in a very young age, isn't allowed to work, a person whose voice isn't wanted to be heard by man...
Just stand back the burqa and strike the pose. See yourself as just a woman. 


I was born in 1987, Turkey. Graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. I studied cinema-TV. I’ve been working on film sets since 2005. I have 4 short films as writer and director. For last 3 years, I also worked as İstanbul based freelance artist and freelance creative project manager. Mostly working on video, installation and digital art.

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